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The [geography] of the USA is extremely diverse. We can [find] the Rocky Mountains in the west, an [enormous] plain in the centre and the Appalachian Mountains in the east. The highest [point] is Mount Mc Kinley in Alaska while the lowest point is [Death] Valley in California. Alaska is also the [coldest] place in the USA and Death Valley is the [hottest]. The landscapes [differs] from tropical beaches and wetlands in Florida to deserts in the west; from the Artic [landscape] of Alaska to the prairies of the central plain and the wilderness in the north-east. The USA is also [home] to the Grand Canyon and the Yosemite Valley in the west, the Mississipi [river] in the south and the Great [Lakes] and Niagara Falls in the north. There are a lot of different [climate] zones in the USA so there's every sort of [weather]: very hot  and [dry] in the south west, freezing [cold] in the north east and hot and [humid] in the south. The USA gets a lot of [extreme] weather, for example [hurricanes] are frequent in the south east and [tornados] in the south west..

The US geography


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