People of all ____ enjoy sharing in the ____ of St. Patrick’s Day. Many Americans say “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” It is a day to ____ in green and go to parties. It is a time to ____ Irish ____ and history. March 17 is also a day to ____ Saint Patrick.Green is the national ____ of Ireland. It is a country ____ with green ____ and shamrocks. Shamrocks are small green plants with three ____. People ____ green hats and clothes on St. Patrick’s Day. In Chicago, the Chicago River is even ____ green. Many cities have St. Patrick’s Day ____ and parties. People sing Irish ____ and dance to Irish music. They enjoy Irish food. Some people even drink green ____! On this ____ you can buy a shamrock-shaped ____ or try a green shamrock shake. ​ St. Patrick’s Day has been ____ for many ____ all over the world. In Ireland it is a ____ holiday, like Christmas and Easter. On March 17 ____ businesses are closed, and people go to Mass. St. Patrick’s Day came to America ____ the 1700s. It is ____ a national holiday in the United States. Stores are ____ and people go to ____. However, many Catholics do ____ St. Patrick’s Day Mass.​ St. Patrick’s Day ____ the life of Saint Patrick. He was ____ in 387 in Scotland. At the ____ of 16, he was ____ by pirates and sold into ____. He was a ____ in Ireland for six years. Patrick ____ a Catholic priest and ____ many Irish people about God. He started many schools and ____. He also became Bishop of the Catholic Church in Ireland. There are many ____ about Saint Patrick. Some are ____, some are fact. One story says there are no snakes in Ireland because Saint Patrick drove them ____. However, Ireland is a country that has ____ had any snakes. ____ story tells of Saint Patrick ____ people ____ the dead. It is ____ that Saint Patrick ____ used three-leafed shamrocks to ____ the Trinity. These small ____ were used to explain how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit could be ____, but also ____ as one. Saint Patrick ____ on March 17, 461. Many Christians ____ shamrocks in his ____.

St. Patrick's Day (Level 7) -- Cloze


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