1) Anna’s in the kitchen. She _____ dinner. a) will cook b) ’s cooking c) cooks 2) I _____ to eat fresh vegetables – I don’t like frozen. a) prefers b) 'm preferring c) prefer 3) Today most people _____ on junk food. a) are cutting down b) is cutting down c) cuts down 4) It’s hot in here! _____ open the window? a) Will I b) Do I c) Shall I 5) He _____ swimming on Tuesdays. a) is always going b) always goes c) goes always 6) A. Is there anything on TV tonight? B. I don’t know. _____ in the paper. a) I'll look b) I'm going to look c) I look 7) We _____ the cinema on Saturday. Would you like to come? a) go to b) are going to c) will go to 8) My brother _____ a job at the moment. a) isn't having b) doesn't have c) won't have 9) I predict that you _____ marry someone rich and famous! a) shall b) are going to c) should 10) We’re _____ about you at the moment, and we hope you’ll be home soon. a) knowing b) believing c) thinking 11) The traffic’s terrible. I _____ miss my train. a) will to b) 'm going to c) go to 12) A. _____ we order some salad? B. Good idea. a) Do b) Will c) Shall 13) Tom _____ arrives on time. He’s always late. a) sometimes b) often c) never 14) Where _____ you going on holiday this year? a) do b) are c) will 15) People’s characters _______ on their family background. a) are depending b) depend c) depends 16) What _____ next weekend? a) will do you b) are you doing c) do you do 17) I’m not ____ speak to Jason any more. a) going to b) will c) going 18) She _____ eats meat or fish. She’s a strict vegetarian. a) often b) sometimes c) never 19) How many cups of coffee _____ a day? a) are you drinking b) do you drink c) you drink 20) What _____ when he finishes university? a) does he do b) he does c) is he going to do 21) I _____ my wallet when I was on holiday last year. a) lost b) ’ve been losing c) ’ve lost 22) He _____ a lot of money when his grandfather died. a) ’s inherited b) been inheriting c) inherited 23) She _____ had a bank account for five years now. a) has b) had c) have 24) I’ve been playing football _____ I was six years old. a) when b) since c) for 25) Have you _____ been to South America? a) ever b) yet c) before 26) Have you _____? There’s blue paint in your hair! a) been painting b) painting c) painted 27) It’s 11.00 a.m. and I _____ housework all morning! a) did b) ’ve been doing c) ’ve done 28) A: Can I speak to Peter, please? B: Sorry, he’s _____ gone out. a) just b) ever c) yet 29) You look exhausted. What _____? a) you have been doing b) have you doing c) have you been doing 30) Why is he asking for money again? I _____ him £50 two days ago! a) ’ve lent b) lent c) lend 31) I haven’t finished my exams _____. I’ve got two more next week. a) already b) yet c) soon 32) How long have they _____ going out together? a) been b) already c) be 33) Alan _____ a lot of money when he was a student. a) borrowed b) has borrowed c) has been borrowing 34) A: When _____ on holiday to Thailand? B: Two years ago. a) did you go b) have you gone c) you went 35) She _____ saved enough money for a car. She needs another 500 euros. a) hadn't b) hasn't c) has 36) We _____ far too much on our holiday last year. a) ’ve spent b) been spending c) spent 37) How much money _____ you earn last month? a) did b) have c) do 38) I haven’t seen her _____ last summer. How is she? a) since b) for c) until 39) We’ve been living in this house _____ four years now. a) from b) since c) for 40) A: Would you like a cup of tea? B: No, thanks. I’ve _____ one. a) just have b) had just c) just had




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