1) Should food be stored properly and within its date mark? a) Yes, to keep it fresh b) No, you can put it anywhere you want c) Not sure 2) What should you do when you get ready to cook? a) Nothing, I am ready! b) Wash hands, tie up hair and put on an apron c) Talk to your partner 3) What should you do if you accidentally cut yourself during the lesson? a) Nothing b) Tell your partner c) Tell the teacher so they can complete necessary first aid e.g. put a plaster on 4) What should the noise level be like during this lesson? a) Really loud b) Low level noise e.g. indoor voice when you need to ask a question c) Complete silence 5) Should you eat the food whilst you are handling it and baking? a) No, you may get food poisoning or there will be cross contamination b) Yes, it's delicious c) Not sure

Hygiene and Safety Quiz - KS1


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