Cold Front - A cold air mass replaces a warm air mass, Cold Front - Results in cool weather and storms, Warm Front - A warm a mass replaces a cold air mass, Warm Front - Results in drizzle and clouds, Low Pressure System - Warm, moist air that generally brings stormy weather and strong winds., High Pressure System - Cool, dry air that generally brings fair weather and light winds., Fair Weather - Mostly clear skies with no chance of rain or storms., Prevailing Westerlies - West to East winds, Jet Stream - High-altitude band of winds that form between warm and cold air masses., Gulf Stream - Warm ocean current that starts in the Gulf of Mexico and flows North along the East coast of the US., el Nino - Warming of the surface of the Pacific Ocean; causes cooler and wetter winter in NC., la Nina - Cooling of the surface of the Pacific Ocean; causes warmer and drier winter in NC.,

Weather Patterns (5.E.1.2, 5.E.1.3)


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