You and 3 friends are trapped in a cave-in. One friend is badly injured and will die in 2 hours. You only have enough oxygen for 1 hour. Medical help will come in 3 hours. You can all only survive for 3 hours if you kill your injured friend so the rest of you will survive. What would you rather do?, A train is coming and the driver has fallen asleep. A little girl is playing on the tracks. You shout out to her but she can’t hear you. You can divert the train by pulling a lever, but if you do, 4 men working on the other track will die. What choice would you rather make?, While hiking in the jungle your family is captured by a tribe of local cannibals. The tribe will eat your family for dinner. You can avoid being eaten if you join the tribe and partake in eating your family members. What would you rather?, Your child is sick but you can't afford the bill. A neighbour says his rich father is ill but the life insurance will expire tomorrow. The neighbour asks you to kill his father and he'll give you half of the inheritance. What would you rather do?, Enemy soldiers have entered a village. The civilians are hiding in a shed. The soldiers are shooting anyone they find. A baby starts crying. The soldiers will hear the baby and kill you all. Killing the baby will save you, or you can run out and distract the soldiers. What would you rather do?, You are on a full and almost sinking lifeboat. You come across some survivors in the water. If they come aboard, the lifeboat will sink and everyone will drown, or you can paddle away. What would you rather do?, You are a prisoner in an enemy camp. Your partner is going to be hanged because they tried to escape. The guard says you can hang instead of your partner. Watch or die. What would you rather do?, You are an ambulance worker and you come across a car crash. Inside the car is your wife and her lover. She had been having an affair. Both of them are cut and bleeding and you can only save one. Who would you rather save?, You and your family are at the beach. Your son and your daughter are swimming when a large wave comes and crashes into them. They both go under. You dive into the water but you can only save one of them before the other one drowns. Who would you rather save?, An evil king wants to destroy your city of over 1 million people. He says he will spare the city if you sacrifice one child to him each year, for the next one thousand years. What would you rather?, Your spouse is very sick and dying. You go to the hospital but you cant afford the medicine. Before leaving, you see the medicine in an open cupboard and no one is around to see you steal it. Steal it and risk being caught? What would you rather?, You are a doctor with 6 patients. 5 patients need new organs, the 6th is dying of a curable disease. If you cure the 6th patient, the others will die. If you let him die, you can use his organs to cure the other 5 patients. Who would you rather save?, You witness a man rob a bank. Instead of keeping the money he gives it to a struggling orphanage. Another witness said they saw you at the scene and you are arrested. If you tell the truth, you will be freed but the money will be returned to the bank. What would you rather do?, You found a copy of the answers for tomorrow’s test on your teacher’s desk. Your teacher is on break and won’t be back for 10 minutes. A friend wants to take a photo of the answers. Easy pass through cheating or possible fail? What would you rather?.

EC I4 M1 7A Moral Dilemmas - what would you rather do?


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