Person A is waiting in line to buy an ice cream. Person B cut in front of you in the line. Create some dialogue using "You've got some nerve" , A & B are a couple, driving to see some friends in another city. The car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A had asked B to take the car to the mechanic last week but B had forgotten. Use the expression "It's not my fault", A is an English teacher and B is a student who is always late. B's parents are making him study but he wants to go home and be with friends. Use the expression "I'm getting sick and tired", A is at a theme park with their young child. B is the child who doesn't want to go home. Use the expression "That's it! I've had enough!", A bought a train ticket to the wrong destination. B is the ticket inspector. The ticket is non refundable. Use the expression "I don't believe it. This is ridiculous!", A & B are a couple. A doesn't think what B is wearing is appropriate and is paranoid that others will look at B. Use the expression "Your attitude really bugs me!", A & B work together. It's a hot day and one of you has to work outside. Neither of you want to. Use the expression "I'm tired of getting all the bad jobs", A enters a clinic and is asked to wait 10 minutes to be seen. It's been an hour now. Use the expression "I'm not shouting!".


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