1) She _____ in Russia. a) live b) lives c) loves 2) My parents ______ at school. a) work b) live c) works d) lives 3) Mark ___ pasta for lunch. a) works b) eat c) eats d) work 4) Sally _____ her teddy bear. a) cook b) love c) cooks d) loves 5) We _____ salad with a fork. a) work b) love c) eat d) live 6) My mum ______ amazing dinner. a) cooks b) cook c) work d) works 7) I ______ dinner at home. a) eats b) eat c) go d) goes 8) Matt ______ football very well. a) act b) play c) acts d) plays 9) Sophie and Jenny ______ got a problem. a) have b) has c) work d) is 10) Matt ____ got a basketball game on Saturday. a) is b) are c) have d) has




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