1) I don’t understand this sentence. What ...? a) does mean this word b) does this word mean c) means this word 2) Robert ... away two or three times a year. a) is going usually b) is usually going c) usually goes d) goes usually 3) It was a boring weekend. ... anything.  a) I didn't b) I don't do c) I didn't do d) I don't did 4) Matt ... while we were having dinner. a) phoned b) was phoning c) has phoned d) had phoned 5) James is on holiday. He ... to Italy. a) is gone b) has gone c) has been d) has going 6) Everything is going well. There ... any problems so far. a) weren’t b) have been c) haven’t been d) wasn't 7) Sarah has lost her passport again. This is the second time this ... a) has happened b) happens c) happened d) is happening 8) Why are you out of breath? ...? a) Are you running b) Have you run c) Have you been running d) Did you run 9) Where’s the book I gave you? What ... with it? a) have you done b) have you been doing c) are you doing d) you did 10) Sally has been working here ... a) for six months b) since six months c) six months ago d) six months 11) It’s been two years ... Joe. a) that I don’t see b) that I haven’t seen c) since I haven't see d) since I last saw 12) ... a lot of sweets when you were a child? a) Have you eaten b) Had you eaten c) Did you eat 13) The people sitting next to me on the plane were nervous. ... before. a) They haven’t flown b) They’d never flown c) They didn’t fly d) They weren’t flying e) They had flown 14) Katherine was lying on the sofa. She was tired because ... very hard all day. a) she was working b) she’s been working c) she’d been working d) she's working 15) ... a car when you were living in Paris? a) Had you b) Were you having c) Have you had d) Did you have 16) I’m tired. ... to bed now. Goodnight. a) I go b) I’m going c) I goes 17) ... tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere. a) I'm not working b) I don’t work c) I won’t work 18) ‘Anna is in hospital.’ - ‘Yes, I know. ... her this evening.’ a) I visit b) I’m going to visit c) I’ll visit 19) We’re late. The film ... by the time we get to the cinema. a) will already start b) will be already started c) will already have started 20) I think the weather ... nice later.  a) will be b) is c) is going to be d) shall be


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