A They ________ (not answer) the phone after 6 o'clock. B Ok, I____(call) them tomorrow. - don't answer; 'll call, Our goalkeeper _________ (not play) very well at the moment. - isn't playing, Sorry, I _____ (not make) anything for dinner yet. - haven't made, A  Have you decided what to do with your car? B  Yes, I _____ (sell) it next month. - 'm going to sell, A  How ______ they _____ (get) home last night? B They ______(get) a taxi. - did .....get; got, A  Oh, dear. I'm not very good at this. B Don't worry. I _____ (help) you. - 'll help, A What ______ you ____ (wear) to the party tonight? B Probably black dress. - are .....wearing/are....going to wear, A  Coffee isn't very good for you. B  Well, I _____ (not drink) very much - just 1 cup a day. - don't drink, _____ you ever _____ (speak) to your mother about the problem yet? - Have ........ spoken, A What ____ you ____ (do) when I phoned last night? B I _____ a shower. - were ....doing; was having, A  Where ______ Jack ____ (work)? B  He works in London. - does......work, A I'm a bit nervous about the injection, Doctor. B  Don't worry. It ______ (not hurt). - won't hurt, When they arrived, Sam ______ (cook) lunch for the whole family. - was cooking, The newborn ____ (cry) for a while before his dad picked him up and soothed him. - had been crying, I got out of bed and _____ (jump) into the shower. I was really late! - jumped, When she got to her car she realized that she ______ (loose) her keys.  - had lost, When we arrive in Los Angeles, we'll need to rest, because we _______ (drive) about 1000 miles. - will have driven, When you get off the train, we _______ (wait) for you on the platform. - will be waiting,


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