It's very ... to know that the contract has been signed. (satisfy), It rained all Saturday so we couldn't go out and were ... . (bore), It's useless making her study more. It's so ... . (frustrate), A new Miss Universe is a ... beauty. (stun)  , Have you heard the ... news about the prison riots in Atlanta? (alarm), Joan and Kevin are very ... about their wedding ceremony. (excite), The students didn't seem ... in their teacher's explanation. (interest), Touring round Europe in two weeks must be very ... . (tire), Betty was ... at the look on my face. (amuse), The Prime Minister's outfit was very ... to the eye. (please), Don't look so ... ! Your project won because it was the best. (surprise), John has a really ... habit of staring at people. (annoy), We were too ... to ask them for loan. (embarrass), Dave's parents are really ... by his misbehaviour. (alarm), George is so ... , his chemistry project isn't going very well. (frustrate), We were all ... by his sudden death. (stun), I don't find his jokes very ... . I think they are rather rude. (amuse), I'm reading an ... adventure story at the moment. (excite) , My mum finds fishing ... and she never acompanies dad. (bore), They are never ... . They always complain about everything. (satisfy).


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