1) … is your brother? he's thirteen a) when b) how old c) who 2) … your birthday ? In June a) where's b) who's c) what's d) when's 3) … your favourite subject ? It's Art a) who's b) what's c) when's d) where's 4) … your favourite pop star ? It's Taylor Swift a) who's b) what's c) when's d) where's 5) … are Oliwia and Zuzia ? In the classroom a) who b) when c) what d) where 6) … PE ? After lunch a) when's b) what's c) where's 7) … that girl ? She's a new student a) what's b) who's c) when's d) where's 8) … is the party ? on Saturday a) where b) when c) what d) when's 9) … next to you in the photo ? My sister a) who's b) what's c) when's d) where's 10) … 's his name ? Tom a) who b) what c) where d) when 11) …. is your phone number ? 555 764 987 a) how b) when c) what's d) what 12) … my books ? Under the chair a) where are b) what are c) when are d) where's 13) … your parents ? At work a) where's b) where are c) when are d) who are 14) Is your brother fourteen ? a) In March b) Yes, he is c) He's my brother 15) I'm late ... school a) for b) to 16) Excuse me , is this room 3F ? a) Yes, it is b) Look! What's that? c) Where is it? 17) Is it time for lunch now ? a) It's PE after lunch b) Yes, nearly c) Cool 18) What's your name ? a) How do you spell it? b) It's Ben Smith c) I'm fourteen 19) … you from ? a) what are b) where are c) where's d) when are 20) I'm good... English a) at b) in c) on 21) ...'s the time? It's nearly 4 o'clock a) What b) When c) Who




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