1) Which of these pasta is called bucatini? a) b) c) 2) What are the two main ingredients in cacio e pepe? a) Olive oil and garlic b) Black pepper and cheese c) Tomato and onion 3) What is "guanciale" ? a) A shape of pasta b) Cured pork jowl c) A sauce 4) What are all of these in Italy: Dreher, Peroni, Moretti? a) Brands of coffee b) Brands of coktails c) Brands of beer 5) What is "arancini" ? a) Stuffed rice balls b) Shank of pork c) Vegetable stew 6) Which of these is a popular soft drink in Italy? a) Bruschetta b) Crodino c) Mirtillo 7) Where is the homeland of pizza margherita? a) Rome b) Venice c) Naples 8) Focaccia is a type of what? a) Ice cream b) Bread c) Cheese 9) Which of these is NOT a type of pasta? a) Ziti b) Farfalle c) Cannoli 10) Tiramisù is made with what kind of liquer? a) Rum b) Whisky c) Vodka




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