1) The train ____ is coming into the station right now goes to Paddington.  a) who  b) that  c) whose 2) This is the man ____ daughter won the first prize in the competition.  a) whose  b) who  c) that 3) My brother is the one ____ always leaves the door unlocked!  a) which  b) who's  c) who 4) The house ____ burned in the fire was 300 years old.  a) who  b) which  c) whose 5) I know a man ____ 2. 15 metres tall.  a) who's  b) whose c) that 6) I've met a girl ____ name is Penny Pound.  a) that's b) who's  c) whose 7) The man ____ answered the phone was my father.  a) who  b) which  c) who is 8) Is he the actor ____ fell and broke his arm while he was filming?  a) which  b) whose  c) that

GT4 24.8 Defining relative clauses


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