a charger, a knife, glowsticks, sandpaper, an ice cube tray, (a pair of) glasses, food, a T-shirt, a stop sign, bananas, a key chain, a keyboard, a vase, (a pair of) nail clippers, a window, sticky notes, a couch, carrots, a bed, a fork, (a pair of) speakers, a spoon, a bookmark, paper, a newspaper, (a pair of) headphones, rubber bands, lace, a bowl, a (cardboard) box, packets of soy sauce, a thermometer , (a bar of) soap, a clock, (a bunch of) flowers, an old book, a watch, a lamp, the sidewalk/footpath, a bottle of water, an eraser (a rubber), a birthday card, a bottle cap, toothpaste, a nail file, a wallet, a desk, a photo album, a mop, shampoo, a toothbrush, a needle, a CD, a box of tissues, toothpicks, a seatbelt, a cellphone/mobile phone, a cork, a plastic fork, a tomato, (a carton of) milk, a cookie jar, tweezers, a piano, (a set of) keys, a toilet, a usb drive/flash drive/pen drive/memory stick, a spring, a (plastic) cup, a door, an outlet, a bow tie, a (handheld) mirror, perfume, a rubber duck, a house, a purse, an air freshener, a button, towels, a car, (a loaf of) bread, an apple, a (desktop) computer, sunglasses, chalk, a sailboat, a sponge, a doll, a magnet, pillows, cushions , a bracelet, a shovel, a rug, a pen, a Christmas stocking, a paintbrush, a flag, (a pair of) slippers.

EC I4 M1 7B Describe items with verb senses


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