1) Someone told them a joke, they _____ since then. a) has been laughing b) has laughed c) have laughed d) have been laughing 2) She can't walk, she _____ herleg a) has been breaking b) has broke c) has broken d) have been breaking 3) How long _____ you _____ that magazine? a) have / been reading b) have / read c) have / reading d) have / being read 4) We ........................... play tennis every Saturday. a) plays b) are playing c) have played d) don't play 5) I _____ the car. You can go on holiday now. a) have been repairing b) have repaired c) has been repairing d) has repaired 6) She _____ the violin since she was 8. a) have played b) have been playing c) has played d) has been playing 7) That flat looks awful. Nobody _____ it for years. a) has been painting b) has painted c) hasn't painted d) haven't been painting 8) How often ....................... to the cinema? a) are you going b) does she goes c) do you go d) have you been going 9) Jim _____ his house for two years. a) has b) had has c) has had d) has been having 10) My husband_____ television for 2 hours. If he continues watching it, he'll get a headache. a) has been watching b) have been watching c) has been watched d) has been watch 11) My mother _____ the film Birds eight times! a) has been seeing b) has saw c) has seen d) has been seen 12) How long _____you _____ the truth? a) have / been knowing b) have / knew c) have / know d) have / known 13) They .......................... board games. a) play b) are playing c) have played d) have been playing 14) How many articles_____ you _____ so far? a) has / written b) have / wrote c) have / written d) have / been writing 15) She _____ since 8 o'clock. a) has been waiting b) have been waiting c) has waiting d) have waiting 16) Samantha _____her bag phone. She can't find it anywhere. a) has losed b) has lost c) has been losing d) have lost 17) Mary ................... as a teacher. a) works b) has been worked c) has work d) is working 18) Jacob and Lili _____ out together since Valentine's day. a) have gone b) has gone c) has been going d) have been going 19) The dog _____ barking for twenty minutes. a) have bark b) has been barked c) has been barking d) has barked 20) You ..................my sandwich! a) eat b) are always eating c) have been eaten d) are eat

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