1) boomerang a) boo mer ang b) boom er ang c) boo me rang 2) strawberry a) strawb er ry b) straw berr y c) straw ber ry 3) detective a) det ec tive b) de tect ive c) de tec tive 4) demonstrate She will demonstrate a cartwheel. a) dem on strate b) de mons trate c) dem onst rate d) de mo ns trate 5) How do you divide a word with this pattern: VCCCV a) vc ccv b) vcc cv c) You have to look for where the blend is 6) gigantic a) gig an tic b) gigan tic c) gi gan tic 7) arena a) ar e na b) are na c) a re na d) a ren a 8) lion a) lio n b) you don't divide it. It is one syllable. c) li on d) l ion


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