1) Antarctica has the world's largest a) desert  b) volcano c) mountain range 2) Has Antarctica always been cold? a) No, it used to be tropical b) Yes, it always been covered on thick ice c) Yes, but the ice used to be a lot thinner 3) Which of theses animals do you not get in Antarctica? a) penguins b) seals c) polar bears 4) Who led the first team to reach the South Pole in 1911? a) Roald Amundsen b) Robert Falcon Scott c) Ernest Shackleton 5) Why is Ernest Shackleton's 1908 expedition famous? a) Everyone except Shackelton survived the trip b) The men survived but they didn't get to the South Pole c) All the men died on the way back from the South Pole

How much do you know about Antarctica?


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