I will get the swing for the kids. , The front of the stamp was red., Peg swept the rug with the only brush she had. , The blast of wind felt cold., I am about to go on a swift run., My pal said that he would grant me a wish., Their gramp was sick and had to get to bed. , The bag crunches when I step on it., The stink from the skunk was about as bad as it gets., Mr. Duff said to stand back., There are many brands of pop. , Their job is to trim the plants, branches and twigs., They will only pack trunks for the long trip. , I had cramps in my legs from the long run., These pants must have shrunk., Ted said that he was about to flunk the pop quiz., The skunk crept out of the shed. , I only have one drink at lunch., I think that I will have their crisp wings for lunch., The bug stings Josh on his left leg. .


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