1) Luigi is... than Mario a) tall b) taler c) taller 2) A house is... a building a) short than b) shorter than c) shorter 3) Cats are... dogs a) smaller than b) small than c) smaller 4) Trucks are... than cars a) big b) bigger c) bigger than 5) Snails are... foxes a) slower than b) slower c) slow than 6) Trains... than buses a) are fast b) faster c) are faster 7) A feather is... a rock a) lighter than b) light than c) lighter 8) The forest is... than the city a) quieter b) quiet c) quieter than 9) Elephants are... giraffes a) noisy than b) noisier than c) noisier 10) A horse is... than a sheep a) heavier than b) heavy c) heavier




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