1) 5r's in zero waste management are : Refuse, Reduce, _______ , Recycle and Rot. a) Rewrite b) Reuse c) Remake 2) Plastic can decompose in soil easily a) Yes b) No 3) Is zero waste living life style good for the environment? a) Not really b) Yes , very good 4) What would you choose to do with a card box? a) Throw it away b) Recycle it c) Reuse it and make something new 5) How can we reduse waste? a) Use more single use plastic b) Avoid prepackaged food c) Buy second hand clothes d) Use reusable bags e) Use a reusable bottle f) Shop local farmer markets 6) We should recycle... a) Everything b) Everything you cannot reuse, compost or donate 7) We can compost... a) Fruit b) Vegetable scraps c) Egg shells d) Coffee grounds e) Grass clippings f) Leaves

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