Many people in the United States place a ____ value on reading. Libraries have a large ____ of reading ____. Libraries are free. Checking ____ books or having a library card doesn’t ____ anything. ​If you need help ____ anything at the library, ask ____ of the librarians. The librarians work at the library and help people find what they ____. They can help you get a library ____. They can help you find books and movies. Librarians are trained ____ and can help you find ____ for research or ____. They can also help get you a book from ____ library! Libraries have more than ____ books. Libraries have magazines, newspapers, maps, audiotapes, DVDs, music CDs, and computers. Libraries ____ also have newspapers and books in ____ languages. ​Libraries often ____ community activities. These activities may include special ____ by speakers, discussion ____, and book ____. You might attend a music or film ____ or take classes to learn how to ____ a computer or the internet. ​ Many libraries have a children’s ____ or room. Libraries often have story ____ for children ages two ____ five. During story hour, children listen to books read to them ____ loud. You may also find ____ libraries that organize ____ and craft activities. Many libraries ____ science, art, and technology programs for children. These ____ can be helpful to parents ____ summer months. ​ Finally, libraries give you ____ to computers and printers. Use is ____ with a library card. Libraries also ____ high-speed internet. You generally don’t have to have a library card to use the Wi-Fi with your own phone, laptop, or tablet. You may even be able to check ____ laptops for home use. ​Our libraries are ____ by tax dollars. That means we pay for our local libraries ____ our taxes. We may as well use their amazing ____ and resources as much as we can!

Libraries: More Than Just Books! -- Cloze Reading




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