1) Claws belonging to the bear. a) The bears' claws. b) The bears's claws. c) The bear's claws. 2) The flute belonging to Chris. a) That is Chris's flute. b) That is Chris' flute. c) That is Chri's flute. 3) Feathers belonging to the ducks. a) The ducks' feathers. b) The ducks's feathers. c) The duck's feathers. 4) The ball belonging to Jane. a) That is Janes' ball. b) That is Jane's ball. c) That is Janes's ball. 5) The hooves belonging to the horses. a) The horses' hooves. b) The horse's hooves. c) The horses's hooves. 6) The coat belonging to the pupil. a) The pupils' coat. b) The pupil's coat. c) The pupils's coat. 7) The jumper belonging to the dad of Brad. a) That is Brads' dads jumper. b) That is Brad's dad's jumper. c) That is Brads dad's jumper. 8) The popcorn belonging to the children. a) The childrens' popcorn. b) The children's popcorn. c) The childrens's popcorn. 9) The parents of Ahmed and Aisha. a) Ahmed and Aisha's parents. b) Ahmed's and Aisha's parents. c) Ahmed and Aisha's parents'. 10) The teeth belonging to the dog. a) The dog's teeth. b) The dogs' teeth. c) The dogs's teeth.


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