1) If you compare Russian tv series to foreign ones what can you say? 2) If you compare working in an office to working at home what can you say? 3) Which is worse for your health, smoking or drinking? 4) Is it better to be rich and dumb or poor and smart? 5) Is it better to be rich and ugly or poor and beautiful/handsome? 6) Are you more creative now or when you were at school? 7) What things are you better at than your best friend/husband/wife? 8) Are people today luckier than they were 50 years ago? 9) Are teachers more important than doctors? 10) Are taxi drivers more talkative than tour guides? 11) Is fishing more boring than reading books? 12) Are dogs friendlier than cats? 13) Compare: pizza and burger. 14) Compare: pop music and rock music. 15) Compare: books and magazines. 16) Compare: wine and beer. 17) Compare: a teenager and an adult. 18) Compare: American movies and European movies. 19) Compare: Apple and Android.


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