1) I learn about numbers, multiplication, division, problems, geometry in this subject a) Language b) Maths c) History 2) I learn about important past events in my country and around the world a) History b) Maths c) Language 3) I learn about the rules of the language, when to use capital letters, to write narratives, etc. a) Maths b) History c) Language 4) We study maps, rivers, countries... a) P.E b) Geography c) I.C.T 5) We learn how to use different programs. a) P.E b) Geography c) I.C.T 6) We learn how to act out, to use our body and ways of saying to express something a) Drama b) P.E c) English 7) We learn to bounce the ball, to play in teams, to do some sports a) Drama b) P.E c) English 8) We read, listen, write and talk to learn to communicate with people from all over the world a) Drama b) Hebrew c) English




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