1) I think summer is the best season. a) I agree with you. It's awesome! b) You're wrong. It's cold in winter. c) That's not true. They're great! 2) I think this music is awesome! a) I disagree. It's awesome! b) You're right. It's great. c) That's true. They're great! 3) Ice cream is the tastiest food! a) I agree. It's not tasty at all. b) I disagree. Chocolate is more delicious. c) I don't think so. It's very tasty. 4) The violin is the most exciting instrument. a) That's true. They're great. b) I disagree. It's awesome! c) That's true. It's great. 5) Everybody likes dancing. a) I disagree. My sister prefers singing. b) That's not true. They're great! c) I don't think so. It's awesome! 6) Spanish is the easiest language. a) That's not right. It's easy. b) I disagree with you. Italian is easier. c) I don't think so. It's awesome. 7) Detective books are exciting. a) That's not right. They're very interesting. b) I disagree with you. They're boring. c) I don't think so. It's awesome.


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