1) Which word has a digraph? a) quit b) ran c) duck d) bill 2) Which word has a double letter? a) man b) ship c) ram d) puff 3) Which word has the weld -an a) pick b) can c) fuss d) jam 4) Click the word with -am weld. a) dam b) boss c) an d) when 5) Click the word with the double letter & digraph? a) mall b) shell c) van d) sham 6) Click the word that is a double letter and welded sound (all). a) fall b) ship c) fan d) ham 7) Which word has the /ch/ sound? a) dish b) what c) sock d) much 8) Which word has the /wh/ sound? a) win b) chil c) when d) pick 9) Which word has the /th/ sound? a) then b) vick c) push d) box 10) Which word has digraph -ck? a) chin b) cat c) kite d) lock


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