___________ a new phone, new glasses - need a new phone, new glasses, ___________ a coffee - want a coffe, ___________fruit, vegetables - eat fruit, vegetables, ___________ a garden, two children - have a garden, two children, ___________ exercise, yoga - do exercise, yoga, ___________ to the cinema, to the gym - go to the cinema, to the gym, ___________ mineral water, tea, coffee - drink mineral water, tea, coffee, ___________ in a flat, in a big city - live in a flat, in a big city, ___________ a magazine, a book - read a magazine, a book, ___________ German, two languages - speak German, two languages, __________ history, for an exam - study history, for an exam, __________ to pop music, to the radio - listen to pop music, to the radio, __________ thank you, hello - say thank you, hello, __________ glasses, jeans - wear glasses, jeans, ___________ housework, homework - do housework, homework, ___________ the guitar, the piano - play the guitar, the piano, __________ animals, Mexican food - like animals, Mexican food, ___________ TV, a film - watch TV, a film, __________ tennis, chess - play tennis, chess, __________ a car, a Toyota - drive a car, a Toyota,


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