1) Andy____________ the family car every Saturday. a) wash b) washes c) washs 2) Every morning my mother _________ at 6 o'clock. a) get up b) gets ups c) gets up 3) Mr John __________ e-mails in the evenings. a) write b) writs c) writes 4) 4) The girls _____________ the shopping twice a week. a) does b) do c) dos 5) Mandy and Susan___________ films every weekend. a) watches b) don't watch c) watching 6) John often_____________ handball. a) play b) playes c) plays 7) My parents ___________ in Boston, they live in New York. a) doesn't live b) don't live c) not live 8) Carlos_____________like pizza. a) don't b) doesn't 9) Peter ___ watching football every Saturday afternoon. a) like b) likes c) do like 10) We __ good friends a) am b) is c) are 11) Cathy __ in the library of the University every afternoon. a) studies b) studyes c) study




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