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cell division - A process which new cells are made, chromosomes - Long DNA molecules that carry genetic information., differentiation - In cells, the process whereby new cells develop special characteristics to allow them to do their job., diploid - A cell that contains the full set of 46 chromosomes., elongation - The increase in the length of plant cells when they absorb water during growth., embryo - The collection of cells that grows from a fertilised egg in animals. The next stage in development after the zygote., foetus - The name of an embryo after the eighth week of development in the womb., gametes - Sex cells, such as sperm, ova and pollen., genes - Sequences of DNA inside chromosomes that control the characteristics of an organism., genetic modification - Changing the genetic characteristics of an organism by manipulating genes and introducing them into DNA., growth - A permanent increase in the size or mass of an organism., haploid - A cell that contains 23 (half) the full number of chromosomes. Produced by meiosis., inheritance - A term used to describe the passing of genes from parents to offspring., meiosis - A type of cell division that produces sex cells with half the full number of chromosomes., mitosis - A type of cell division that produces cells for growth, repair or the replacement of older cells., Tips of roots and shoots - Main area for clee division in plant growth, nucleus (pl nuclei) - In biology the part of both plant and animal cells that contain its genetic material (chromosomes and DNA). It directs and controls the activities of the cell., nutrients - The chemicals needed by an organism to grow., ovum (pl ova) - An egg cell, found in females., Plants - Organisms that don't lose the ability of cell differentiation, Bone marrow - Plave where stem cells are found in an adult, Chloroplast,vacuole and cell wall - Name 3 organelles present in plants but NOT animal cells, species - A group of living things sharing the same characteristics., sperm - A male sex cell., stem cell - Cells that have the ability to become any type of cell in an organism. Found in large quantities in developing embryos.,
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