1) Jhona quickly grabbed his backpack and ran for the door. a) He was taking his time b) He was in a rush c) He was going to his friends 2) Ellie was scanning the store for her friend. a) She lost her friend b) Her brother came into town  c) She needed to find carrots 3) Malikai was walking as slow as possible through the school halls a) He was running late b) He was going to the office c) He wanted to show off to his friends 4) Elishia carefully examining every pot in the store a) He was being reckless b) He wanted a plant c) He was looking for a new plant pot 5) Libby wasn't giving her all the pop quiz a) She wasn't trying b) She tried her hardest c) She was stressed 6) Brian after falling was trying not to cry a) He was super happy b) He was upset he got hurt c) He was upset he failed the test 7) Emily made a beautiful piece of work a) She didn't like her art b) She got hurt c) She loved her piece of work 8) Katie was worried about tomorrow  a) She was going to play outside b) She drank to much coffe c) She had a test 9) Jaxon was happy with the grade he got a) Jaxon did well on the test b) Jaxon failed the test c) Jaxon didn't finish the test 10) Zoe was unhappy with her bracelet  a) She didn't make a bracelet b) She didn't like it c) Zoe thought it was beautiful




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