1) In 1990, a bank robber in Canada _______ by the police because he wrote his name and address on his robbery note.  a) is caught b) was caught 2) In the US, more than two million family pets _______ each year.  a) are stolen b) were stolen 3) In 2006, a man in England _______ to 15 minutes in prison for stealing clothes from a shop.  a) is sentenced b) was sentenced 4) In 1982, Queen Elizabeth's Private bedroom in Buckingham Palace _______ while the Queen was in it.  a) is broken into b) was broken into 5) Years ago in Los Angeles, California, new methods to control riots _______ .Today, police there use one of those methods: birds! The birds _______ to attack people. a) are developed / are trained b) were developed / are trained c) are developed/ were trained d) were developed /were trained 6) are Real news stories. a) a bank robber in Canada b) family pets c) stealing clothes from a shop d) Queen Elizabeth's bedroom in Buckingham Palace e) birds

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