cast - all the people who act in a film, star - (also verb) the most important actor in a film, soundtrack - the music of a film, plot - story of a film, scene - a part of a film which happens in one place, audience - the people who watch a film in a cinema, sequel - a film which continues the story of an earlier film, special effects - images often created by a computer, trailer - a series of short scenes from a film, shown in advance to advertise it, script - the words of a film, extra - a person who is employed to play a very small part in a film, usually as a member of a crowd, subtitles - the translation of the dialogue of a film on screen, review - an article which gives an opinion about a new film, set - the place where a film is being shot; the scenery used for a film or play, critic - a person who writes films reviews for the press,




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