1) This is .... black belt . a) his b) he 2) That black hairband is ...  a) her b) hers  3) Oh! you have got a new iphone. Is it ......? a) your b) yours 4) Oh! i see something interesting! Is it ...... iphone? a) your  b) yours 5) My friends have got a lot of tickets, but they aren't ..... a) their  b) theirs 6) One of that tickets is ......  a) my  b) mine  7) .... friend bought a ticket to London yesterday . a) My b) Mine  8) There is a new cinema in ..... town  a) our b) ours 9) Alisya and Damia have got a cat. Is it ..... cat ? a) their  b) theirs 10) Hong Nian and Yu Enn have got a cat, but this cat is ...... a) our  b) ours 11) Look ! somebody forgot a scarf. Is it .... ? a) your b) yours 12) Somebody dropped a glove. is it yours? - No , it's ... a) her b) hers




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