The school provided me ____ all the materials I needed for the course. The car slid on the icy road and crashed ____ the parked car. He was so engrossed ____ his book that he missed his metro stop. He succeeded ____ playing the symphony without making any errors. I think you would benefit ____ spending a few weeks in an English speaking country. The cute guy kept glancing ____ me during the lecture. He’s so big-headed, he’s always boasting ____ something he has done. (boast=show off/say how great you are) I don’t know where she is I’m a little concerned ____ her. We bought a big dog to deter people ____ robbing our house. I’m not sure but I think the problem stems ____ a lack of car parking spaces in the city centre. I suspect him ____ having cheated in the exam, but I have no proof. Scientists attribute the melting ice caps ____ global warming. Messi prides himself ____ his ability to run past any player. He’s a surgeon, he specialises ____ feet and ankles. Please refrain ____ using mobiles in the library. They charged me €15 ____ a sandwich and a bag of crisps!


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