1) When/ America / discover? a) 14th Century b) 15th Century c) 16th Century 2) Which language/ speak/ Brazil? a) Brazilian b) Spanish c) Portuguese 3) The song "Imagine"/ compose/ by ___ . a) Ringo Starr b) Paul McCartney c) John Lennon 4) The / Tokyo / subway / use / by a) thirty million people every day b) two million people every day c) nine million people every day 5) Where/ chess/ invent? a) India b) China c) Egypt 6) Who/ mirrors / invent / by ? a) Indians b) Americans c) Egyptians 7) Where / Coca Cola/ invent? a) The USA b) Great Britain c) Spain 8) The / first / computer / make / in.... a) 20th century b) 19th century c) 18th century 9) Which sport/ the All Blacks/ associate/ with? a) Rugby b) Swimming c) Hockey 10) Pasta and ice-cream / first / make / in a) China b) Belgium c) Italy 11) 14% / of / Earth's surface / cover / by.... a) desert b) rainforest c) ice


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