I need to think of a good excuse for not doing my homework. - come up with , I am trying to stop eating junk food.  - give up, After running 10 km, she was too tired to continue.  - carry on, He left his job so he could take care of his children.  - look after, Please don't finish all the milk - I need some for my breakfast tomorrow. - use up, The number of people with smartphones is continuing to rise.  - go up , We should delay the meeting because nobody can come that day. - put off, Don't stay up late! We need to leave early tomorrow.  - set off, The Earth is becoming warmer because of the global warming.  - heating up, We used all our money this month.  - ran out of, Factories produce a lot of smoke. - give off, I know I can always trust you. - rely on ,

solutions pre-intermediate 4E phrasal verbs - paraphrase


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