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You''re a f**koff! - Edward, You're not the same as him. You're not, do you understand? - Mrs Lyons, Take no notice of mothers. They're soft. - Mickey, We always say something like "Waitin' for the 92 bus" - Linda, I just need to move away from this neighbourhood because I'm frightened - Mrs Lyons, Well there'll be no more bloody warnings from now on! - Policeman, An' er, as I say, it was more of a prank really - Policeman, You'll meet lots of new friends and in no time at all you'll forget Mickey even existed - Mrs Johnstone, My best friend always had sweets to share, he knew every word in the dictionary - Mickey, My best friend he could swear like a soldier, you would laugh till you died at the stories he told y' - Edward, The air is so pure you get drunk just by breathing - Mrs Johnstone, SAMMY! get off that bleedin' cow before I kill you - Mrs Johnstone, We're not playin' with the gun no more - Mickey, There's gypsies in the wood an' they've been watchin' you - Narrator, We try an' shoot his little thingy off - Linda, Oh bright new day, we're movin' away, we're startin' all over again - Mrs Johnstone,

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