1) We __________________ (work) on our Comprehension Project last week. a) works b) worked c) work d) are working 2) ___________________________(study) the planets last Tuesday? a) Did we study b) Did we studied c) Do we study d) Are we studying 3) ________________________ (have) a Meet session every afternoon? a) Are we having b) Does we have c) Did we have d) Do we have 4) We ________________________(not have) English every day. a) doesn't have b) don't have c) don't has d) are not having 5) My mother __________________________(not bake) a cake every morning. a) doesn't makes b) don't make c) doesn't make d) is not making 6) Miss Fini __________________________(make) a game yesterday. a) makes b) maked c) made d) is making 7) We ____________________(not go) for a walk yesterday. a) don't go b) didn't went c) didn't go d) aren't going 8) My dad __________________(work) every morning. a) worked b) work c) is working d) works 9) The birds ________________________(fly) north every year. a) are flying b) fly c) flies d) flew 10) We _________________(have) fun every weekend. a) are having b) had c) haves d) has e) have

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