My dad threw away the receipt. I can’t take the T-shirt back to the shop. If my dad - f my dad hadn’t thrown away the receipt, I could take the T-shirt back to the shop, Maria’s not very tall. She couldn’t become a professional basketball player. If Maria - If Maria was/were taller, she could/might have become a professional basketball player., The editor didn’t give me his contact details. I can’t send him copies of the photos. If the editor - If the editor had given  me his contact details, I could send him copies of the photos., The venue doesn’t have good public transport links. Lots of people drove to the concert. Fewer people - Fewer people people would/might have driven to the concert if the venue had better public transport links., The signs at the airport aren’t very clear. We got lost and missed our flight. If the signs - If the signs at the airport were clearer/weren’t so unclear, we wouldn’t have got lost and missed our flight, The organiser didn’t book tickets in advance. We’re standing in this long queue. We - We wouldn’t be standing in this long queue if the organiser had booked tickets in advance., We didn’t take your advice. We’re in trouble .If we - If we had taken your advice, we wouldn’t be in trouble., Lucy is very shy. She didn’t ask for a promotion. She - She would have asked for a promotion if she weren’t/wasn’t so shy., He doesn’t get good roles. He didn’t go to drama school. If he - If he had gone to drama school, he would get better roles. , I didn’t see the film because I don’t like the leading actor. I - I would have seen the film if I liked the leading actor.,


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