Where do you come from originally?, Where do you live?, What is your name?, Do you work?, John comes from Denbigh originally?, I like eating chocolate biscuits., I live in Bangor., I worked yesterday., I bought new clothes from Style shop, What did you do yesterday?, When did you get up yesterday?, I got up at 6.30 and ate breakfast at 7.00, Where did you go at/over the weekend?, What did you drink for breakfast this morning?, Have you been to Tregaron?, Dad will be babysitting from Monday to Friday., Is she crawling yet?, Have you lost/missed the work?, I drove here yesterday morning., Did you have(receive) an e-mail yesterday?, Did you see the neighbours yesterday?, She will be in the nursery/creche Wednesday until Friday., Where do you usually buy food?, When do you shop for food?, Where did you buy your last car?, When will you shop next?, Do you want to buy a new car?, Do you shop often?, But we must have a cuppa first., She started to walk when she was nine months old.


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