1) Peter is ___________________________ than Joe. a) taller b) more tall c) tallest d) tall 2) Mary's car is the _________________________. a) faster b) fast c) fastest d) fasttest 3) Susan's house is ____________________________than my house. a) more beautiful b) most beautiful c) beautifuler d) beautiful 4) Our sofa is the_________________________. a) comfortable b) most comfortable c) more comfortable 5) The robot is __________________ the ball. a) the biggest b) big than c) biger than d) bigger than 6) That monster is the ___________________________ monster I have ever seen. a) frighteningest b) the most frightening c) more frightening d) frightening 7) I think this movie is the ___________________. a) good b) better c) best 8) Is this book _______________________than your book? a) the worst b) worse c) bad d) worst 9) This character is ________________________than Cinderella. a) funny b) funniest c) more funny d) funnier 10) The 9 de Julio Avenue is the _____________________. a) wide b) widest c) wider d) more wide

Comparatives and Superlatives




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