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Kitchen - In this room, there is a refrigerator, a stove/cooker and many other things. People cook there., Bathroom - In this room, there is a shower (or a bathtub), a toilet, a mirror and a sink. You brush your teeth there., Laundry room - In this room, there is a washing machine and a clothes dryer. , Living room - In this room, you can relax, watch TV and socialise with family and friends., Bedroom - This is where you sleep. In this room, there's a bed and a wardrobe., Dining room - This is where people have their meals. In this room, there are chairs and a dining table., Pantry - This is where people store food, beverages, cleaning products and many other things., Balcony - You can go there to breathe some fresh air and see what's happening outside your apartment. ,




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