I am 8 years old. - How old are you? , It's Monday. - What day is it? , No, it isn't. - Is it Saturday today?, It's May. - What month is it?, I live in Puerto. - Where do you live? , I live in a flat. - Do you live in a house or a flat? , There are 2 bedrooms in my house. - How many bedrooms are there in your house?, There is a bed and there are books in my bedroom. - What is there in your bedroom?, No, there isn't. - Is there a computer in your bedroom?, bedroom..... - Name 5 rooms in a house., My granny, my dog and me. - Who lives in your house with you?, He is 37 years old. - How old is your uncle?, It is 37. - What number is this? 37, David is my best friend. - Who is your best friend?, He is tall, he has brown hair, brown eyes and is thin. - Tell me about your best friend., No, he doesn't. - Does your best friend have green hair?, Yes, I do. - Do you have a pet?, I have a pet dog. He is black and small. - Tell me about your pet., Yes, she is. - Is your aunt swimming now? , No, he isn't. - Is your uncle swimming?, Yes, they are. - Are your friends studying English now?, a flamingo..... - Name 2 beautiful animals.,




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