1) He _________ me really angry.  a) does b) makes 2) You're always _________ problems with him.  a) making b) having 3) We _________ an argument this morning.  a) had b) made 4) _________ you on your own? a) Are b) Have 5) Why don't we _________ something later?  a) make b) do 6) You need to _________ some fun.  a) make b) have 7) Can you _________ me a favour?  a) make b) do 8) What _________ wrong?  a) is b) has 9) It's hard to _________ friends.  a) do b) make 10) It _________ my fault.  a) doesn't b) isn't 11) You _________ lots in common.  a) have b) are

P4 7.1 ex 2 VOCABULARY be, do, have and make


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