Someone will attend to you later. - You will be attended to later., We must do something before the situation gets out of control. - Something must be done before the situation gets out of control., You can hear the music in all sections of the stadium - The music can be heard in all sections of the stadium., The company employs 5 people. - 5 people are employed by the company., They are going to buy a new TV set next week. - A new TV set is going to be bought next week., My great grandfather built this house 60 years ago. - This house was built 60 years ago by my great grandfather., My sister gave me the key so I could get in. - I was given the key so I could get in., A loud noise woke me up last night. - I was woken up last night by a loud noise., She solved all her problems. - All her problems were solved., The outstanding performance impressed her. - She was impressed by the outstanding performance., You mustn't put the leftovers back in the fridge. - The leftovers mustn't be put back in the fridge., The lawyer is preparing some important documents for the trial. - Some important documents are being prepared for the trial by the lawyer., They are building a new amusement park in this neighbourhood. - A new amusement park is being built in this neighbourhood., Millions of people all over the world watch this programme. - This programme is watched by millions of people all over the world., Somebody stole my car from the car park. - My car was stolen from the car park., She hasn't watered these plants for over a week - These plants haven't been watered for over a week., Joe introduced me to his girlfriend last week. - I was introduced to Joe's girlfriend last week., They might invite us to the party, but I'm not sure - We might by invited to the party, nut I'm not sure., Candidates must return their applications by the end of next week. - Applications must be returned by the candidates by the end of next week., We will finish all the school projects by the end of the next term. - All the school projects will be finished by the end of the next term., Somebody took this picture a while ago. - This photo was taken a while ago., The authorities should raise more money for the new church. - More money for the new church should be raised by the authorities., They gave us a guided tour in the museum. - We were given a guided tour in the museum., They saw the suspect entering the building. - The suspect was seen entering the building., The police are investigating the murder. - The murder is being investigated by the police., Picasso painted Guernica in 1937. - Guernica was painted by Picasso in 1937., People have fought wars throughout history. - Wars have been fought throughout history., You can buy tickets for the concert here - Tickets for the concert can be bought here., All the newspapers are reporting the scandal. - The scandal is being reported by all the newspapers., Someone has already paid the workers. - The workers have already been paid.,


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