You have to have steady hands. You often give your patients painkillers. You work with the inside of people's mouths., You can earn a lot of money. You normally have a lot of fans. You work in a team with 10 other people., Sometimes you visit people in their houses. You can help people in this job. You usually work in a hospital., You often travel in this job. You have to know a lot about history, buildings and art. You explain things to tourists., You work with food. You work in a kitchen. You have to be creative., You work inside. You have to wear a wig. You decide if people are innocent or guilty., You can work at home. You have to work with texts. You have to be good at languages., You work in the school. You have to be good at explaining things. You have to be patient., You have to play games and maybe sing songs. You have to be very patient. You must like children., You can work in the theater. You need to learn lines. You sometimes have to work at night., You work with your hands. You sometimes get wet. You work with pipes and toilets., You make new things that didn't exist before. You have to be creative. You work with your head and your hands., You work in an office. You don't have to wear a uniform. You work with numbers., You take people where they want to go, by car. You don't have to wear a uniform. You sometimes work at night in this job..


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