people – have more free time, people – have longer holidays?, all films – be in 3D?, people - still read books, everyone - spend more time watching TV, people - be able to go on holiday to the Moon, computer games - be more popular than television, robots - do all the housework, people - still shopping supermarkets, everyone - have video phones in their homes, more people - be homeless, cars - use water instead of petrol, clothes - look completely different, people - have smaller families, parents - be able to choose their baby's IQ, parents - be able to choose the color of their baby's eyes, a lot more people - live to be over 100 years old, fewer people - get married, men - be able to have babies, governments - make laws about how many or who can have children, students - have robot teachers, scientists - be able to cure cancer, tigers-be extinct, there - be a nuclear war, a woman - become President of the USA, we - make contact with life on other planets, china - be the most powerful country in the world, we - have enough food to feed the world.

In the 2050s - will definitely; will probably; might/may; probably won’t; definitely won’t


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