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BRUSH - The painter's tool, MONET - The father of Impressionism, TRAFALGARSQUARE - In which square is the National Gallery?, WATERLILIES - A famous painting by Monet, RESORT - A place that is frequented for holidays or ricreation, FOREGRAUND - tHE PART OF A PICTURE The part of a picture or photograph that is closer to the observer , WATER - In Bathers at La Grenouillere by Claude Monet, which pictorial elements strike the viewer at first glance?, STROLL - To walk in a slow, relaxed manner, SHADOW - A dark area or shape, PATTERN - A regular repeated arrangement, HOOP - A ring of wood, metal or plastic used as a toy, EXHIBIT - To show, LOAN - The act of givin something to a third party for a limited amount of time, LINKING - That connects, UNTROUBLED - Not showing problems or anxiety, OUTLINE - The main shape or edge of something, SNAPSHOT - A photograph, THEUMBRELLAS - An ambitious full-length painting probably begun in the autumn of 1881 by Pierre Auguste Renoire, PROVIDE - To make available for use, CEASELESSLY - In a constant way,



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