1) Nevado ojos del salado is ... than cerro Tronador  a) Highest b) Higher c) More high d) Most high 2) Loa river is ... in Chile a) Longer than b) The longest c) More long d) Most long 3) Iquique is ... than Tierra del fuego. a) More hot b) Hottest c) Most hot d) Hotter 4) Pichilemu is ... than Santa Cruz. a) Most popular b) Popularer c) More popular d) Popularest 5) Llanquihue lake is the ... in Chile. a) More large b) Largest c) Most large d) Larger 6) Chiloé is ... than La Serena. a) Most wet b) Wettest c) More wet d) Wetter 7) Rupanco lake is... than Ranco lake. a) More small b) Smallest c) Smaller d) Most small 8) Cerro Capurata is ... than Cerro azufre a) Most small b) Smallest c) More small d) Smaller

Comparative and superlative adjectives.


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